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A homeschooling Mama of seven kids with over a decade of experience.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your life? Do you feel inadequate to teach your children? Are you wondering how to best connect with your family and keep happy, healthy relationships? I've been there!

 I'm sharing my exact blueprint that changed my life and parenting and created a home of peace and joy!


*Tools to connect with any child, in any stage. From an angsty teen to a whinny toddler I GOT YOU!

 *Create a thriving family culture

*Teaching self motivated love of learning

*Positive proven systems that work

*Peace filled strategies

*Simplify- do less with more impact

*Create ease and organization in your homeschool

*No drama parenting

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Video Series

Four part videos series covering:

1- Your Tool Box
2- Parenting
3- Creating a Family Culture
4- Homeschool

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Weekly group coaching calls:

1- Well-Educated Heart
2- Levels of Liberty
3- Parenting the Savior's Way
4- Open Coaching

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Ask Mama

A place to ask any question anonymously.


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I have loved being part of Mama's Members. It's given me a safe place to ask questions and also hear what other people struggle with (which so often I am too) and give real tools and solutions. The best part is the no-judgment that I feel from Meg. When we can just look at a situation objectively without all the emotion behind it, the solutions come so much easier.
I especially love the group coaching calls. Meg also has loads of videos to help you with life and homeschooling!


I love my experience with The Hippie Mama! Meg is knowledgable, kind, and explained concepts in a way that made sense to me and were applicable to my situation. I appreciated talking through my personal experiences in relation to what she was teaching to help me to understand and apply what I was learning. I love the positive, upward actions. Meg has helped me tremendously and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to make a positive change in their life.


I wanted to feel more happy, at peace, and contentment in my life. I have felt that I couldn't always feel that because of what I thought about other's actions in my life. I was ready for a change, and willing to talk about my fears. It was awesome, each week I had action items to work on, and improve on. It was cool to see how many more doors opened when I was willing to let go of my fears and embrace with gratitude the life I wanted to create.


Meg is a wealth of knowledge and experience, which in and of itself would be amazing. But beyond that, she is acutely focused on getting to the source of all change, your thoughts. She's relentless with that in a good way. She gets you in the right direction, and really asks thought-provoking questions that lead to game-changing, no--life-changing self-discovery. She really takes a personal interest in each of her clients, you can feel the love and focus. She goes out of her way to help you stick with homeschooling and achieve your vision.


I had been homeschooling for three years when I became a member of Mama's Members. I am so grateful I found Meg and her super helpful program. I love being able to get on whenever I have free time and get practical advice and pumped up and inspired by my favorite life coach! I love how real Meg is. She is so inspiring and has figured out the tools that we can all use to help our families be successful and happy. I just feel like I have a seasoned, successful homeschool mentor in my corner to cheer me on and guide me along! My greatest goal in life is to have a loving, happy family where we love learning and growing together. I am committed to doing my absolute best and I love having Meg in my corner!

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