hey, homeschool mama!

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with homeschooling?
  • Do you feel inadequate to teach your children? 
  • Are you wondering how in the world do you teach your children, run the family, AND have a life of your own?

I've been there! I remember thinking that I wasn't smart enough to teach my own children, or feeling like I was drowning in laundry and math.

Now that I have homeschooled for more than 15 years I have figured out the blueprint of how to create a homeschool that is fun and easy, and also have a life that you love. 

I put it in one easy place for you, Mama's Members.

What is Mama's Members?!?

Mama's Members is my coaching program where I will give you the support, the tools, and encouragement you need to create an amazing homeschool. 

I do that through the following ways:

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Group Coaching with Meg

Each week we have a live, group coaching call. Learn how to implement the tools I teach.

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Private Coaching

Do you like coaching, but you don't like getting coached in a group? No worries, I now have free private sessions available for those in the membership.

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Video Series

This 4 part video series will teach you how to remain calm, make parenting easier, teach habits, and how to have a successful homeschool.

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Members Only Podcast Feed

All new calls are uploaded to your podcast feed, so you can easily listen and learn while on the go.

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Lesson Plans

Have your whole homeschool year planned for you! I have taken the pains of planning lessons, finding good books, and even activities to go along with the lessons. Let homeschool be easy!

Choose from two options:

Annual Membership


  • Saves over $100!!
  • Lifetime access to the No Yelling Course private podcast
  • Free PDF download copy of 30 Days to Ease into Homeschool


  • No Yelling Course
  • Meditations from Brooke Snow
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Monthly Membership


  • Pay monthly to accommodate your budget
  • Cancel anytime monthly
  • Free PDF download copy of 30 Days to Ease into Homeschool


  • No Yelling Course
  • Meditations from Brooke Snow
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Doors close August 31, 2023.

Hi, I'm Meg

I felt the call to homeschool over 15 years ago, and like so many of you the idea of homeschooling terrified me. I had never thought of homeschooling, and I thought I was inadequate to teach my children.

I had so many great reasons why I should not homeschool. (listen to episode #115 to hear why)

And yet, I have found the Lord qualifies those whom He calls, and I have seen His hand in my homeschool countless times throughout the years. 

One of the things He lead me to, that helped me immensely in my homeschool, was life coaching. It helped me to gain the confidence I needed to see that I can teach my children anything, and the tools to stay in control of me, so I am can show up as the amazing, wonderful mother that I truly am.

I would love to help you do the same. Give me a year (or try out a month) and you will blow your own mind with what you are capable of.

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Mama's Members if for you if you want to learn:

  • How to stay calm no matter what is going on around you.
  • How to believe in yourself and your ability to figure anything out.
  • How to connect with ALL of your children. Even the "hard" ones.
  • How to get your kids to listen without yelling. (It really is possible!)
  • How to keep your sanity and be with your kids all day.
  • How to help your children become independent, responsible adults.
  • How to make homeschool fun and easy.
  • A curriculum guide, so you don't have to spend all your time planning lessons.

Join the hundreds of parents, from all over the world, who have found peace of mind, are confidently blazing new trails, and changing generations for the better!

"Mama’s Members is an answer to a prayer. Meg leads a community of women striving to create an awesome life. Meg’s style of coaching is gentle, but real. Her life experiences and education along with her fun personality breathe new life into our efforts.


Nope. Most of the members are homeschooling, but others are either considering it, or just love the tools that help their family.

Absolutely! Your membership covers your entire household.

As long as you are in Mama's Members. 

Of course. I offer private coaching to the in my membership at a discounted cost. You can use them for anyone in your household. I coach several teens and husbands, but I only will coach them IF they want coaching.

Super easy. Just click the icon in the top right corner to cancel. Please let me know why, so I that I can continue to improve my program. Your membership will cancel as soon as you hit submit.

Think of this like Netflix. There are lots of options available and you COULD spend all day learning it but you don't need to. One call a week can literally change your life and you can listen at your convenience through my private podcast replay feed.

Start creating your homeschool dream today! Doors close August 31, 2023. Join Mama's Members

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