Are you tired of the whining and fighting in your home?

Do you wish your kids would just listen to you without yelling?

Do you feeling guilty for yelling, but you don't know what else to do?

Then you need to come and check out my no yelling course to kick your yelling to the curb!

You will learn skills to stop yelling AND learn how to best help your kids with their behavior.

No Yell November



Come join me to kick off the No Yell November Course! This is a nine month (March through November) course where you will have the following:

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A private podcast to listen to the course while on the go.
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Daily habit trackers to help set you up for success
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Nine months of support through a private Facebook page
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Videos to help teach you skills to kick yelling to the curb
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Live group coaching so you can get help and have all your questions answered
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Prizes for those who complete the challenges and no yelling in November

Why does yelling matter in your homeschool?

When you are yelling, it is creating a disconnect between you and your child, when there is a disconnect, your kid doesn't listen to you, your kid doesn't do their school work, and there is more chaos and contention in the home.

When you stop yelling, it creates a connection between you and your child, when there is a connection, your kid listens to you, your kid does their school work, and there is peace and joy in the home.

Not yelling can completely change the dynamic and culture in your family.

If you are ready to get rid of contention and replace it with connection and you don't know how, you NEED to come and join me for this event.

Check out what these
Mamas had to say!

My kids are opening up to me more. It’s inviting connection instead of fear.
More unity. More patience.
My kids seemed to trust me more, and they rose to the expectations instead of me "dragging" them along. And bad things didn't happen when I didn't yell. Their behavior didn't get worse and there wasn't loud bouts of crying following undesired behavior.
My children’s behavior has significantly improved and there has been more cooperation among them because I’m able to control my temper more easily.
My kids were happier, and even said they didn't feel like I was mad at them all the time. I felt calmer and more at peace, especially in situations that usually had me very irritable. We laughed more, and I feel like I helped my kids more. There was less whining and crying all around.



This course can change your life!

“I have to say that this month has truly been eye opening! I have listened to your podcast for a long time but it wasn't until I heard you talking about no yell November that I decided to join Mama's Members. To say it has been helpful would be a total understatement. It has not been has been life changing! 

Before joining, I felt my connection with my daughter slipping. I seemed to be always frustrated and irritated, and in turn, it caused her to be the same. We were no longer enjoying our time together and everyday just felt like the same as the day before. 

After watching some of your parenting and toolbox videos, I was finally able to change my perspective on things and view things through the eyes of my child. This helped me to understand how/why she was behaving the way she was and allowed me to respond differently to her behaviors. 

We have now gotten to a place where we are thoroughly enjoying our time together and I do not feel the need to yell at her because I know that the only thing that will do is damage our relationship. It truly doesn't help anything. Since I have stopped yelling and getting frustrated, I have noticed the same change in her behavior. She is happier, she uses her kind words, she does not yell or throw fits, and she is overall more calm. 

It has been an amazing shift and I am SO happy to continue this into December and into the New Year as well! 

Thank you, Meg!”

—  Happy Mama

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This course will run from March 1st until November 30th.

Each week you will receive a new video, and then on the 4th week of the month you will have a live coaching call.

Also, there will be daily habits to help you to create success. These are not required, but for those who who complete 200 days will receive an extra special prize in addition to their No Yell November prize.

The daily habits are:

  • tracking your sleep
  • drinking 65 oz of water
  • eat 2-3 servings of fruit and/or veggies a day
  • move 6,000 steps
  • meditate and/or journal 5 minutes a day
  • 15 minute digital sunrise/sunset

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