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Mama's Members is the gym membership you need to help you create a thriving family, deeper connections with your kids, homeschool help, and peace for you. The monthly subscription is only $35 and you can cancel at anytime. What are you waiting for? Sign up today!


Enjoy all the perks of Mama's Members for only $35/month

You see—it reveals exactly how Homeschool Mamas can create a loving, respectable, and strong family culture. So that they can in turn:.

Simply put, this incredible program has been created with Mamas in mind—to help them experience more peace and happiness at home! And those who follow what’s outlined can foster a deeper relationship with their children, build a strong foundation, as well as create an empowered home environment that teaches the little ones to become independent.

As a monthly member, you get:

Video Series

Four part videos series covering:

1- Your Tool Box
2- Parenting
3- Creating a Family Culture
4- Homeschool

Group Coaching

Weekly group coaching calls:

1- Well-Educated Heart
2- Levels of Liberty
3- Parenting the Savior's Way
4- Open Coaching

All calls are recorded and available for you to watch whenever is convenient.

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A place to ask any question anonymously.


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