You don't need a big, white van to be the cool homeschool mom this year. All you need is a homeschool planner that is going to create an amazing schedule. 

How does one create an amazing schedule? With these seven simple steps.

Step 1: Creating Your Homeschool Vision 

If you don't know what you want to create, then it doesn't matter what you do. That sounds lovely, but what if you don't know what you want to create? Don't worry; I've got you. In this section, I will help you to get a clear picture of what it is you want to create. I ask specific questions and give you tools on how to create your homeschool vision.

Step 2: Creating a Vision for Each Child

This is such a great step to help the school year flow so much smoother. You're going to help your child to take ownership of their education, and alleviate extra work for yourself. Instead of guessing what your child would like to study, just have them be a part of the process. Maybe there is something they have always wanted to learn about, or an area where they need some extra help. Whatever it is, it's going to help you in the process of creating your school year. You'll know what to add into your school what you can leave out.

Step 3: Creating Your Personal Vision

As a homeschool mom, it's your job to set aside your own interests and goals for a while so you can help your kids achieve their hopes and dreams, right? WRONG! Pursuing your personal hopes and dreams is not only important for your own growth and development, but it also models to your children how they can do it for themselves, too. Girl, you matter too much to not include yourself into your homeschool year.

Step 4: Creating Your Schedule

Are you wanting to homeschool year round? Follow the local school schedule? How many days a week do you want to homeschool? This section has you get a clear picture of what your school year is actually going to look like. Maybe this year is going to have a big change, so you know you'll want to homeschool everyday until the baby is born and then take a few weeks or months off. Knowing what schedule is going to work for you this year, helps you to know what curriculum will work best for you and your family.

Step 5: Creating a Weekly and Daily Schedule

In this section, you'll decide what subjects are going to be taught. And the great thing is you already know what your children want to learn, and what you want them to learn from the previous sections!! This step will simply help you get it down on paper. You'll create what subjects will be taught what days, and what subjects will your children do each day. See how easy this is when it gets broken down?!?

Step 6: Creating Your Curriculum

Now the fun part, filling in the gaps! You know what subjects will be taught this year and on what day, so all you need to do is decide which curriculum to use. And because you've gone through the other steps, you'll know what style of curriculum is best for each child. Once you know the style that works best, it eliminates all the extra fluff out there. Serious time saver!

Step 7: Creating Peace

Ah, is it really too good to be true to homeschool AND have peace in your home? No! You really can have both. In this final step, I give you four tools to help you create peace in your home.

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